THE SAFARI is an ‘Intentional Discipleship Program’ designed for all those who thirst after righteousness to embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation with the Lord. It is a comprehensive discipleship program involving the whole spectrum of our church: children, teens, youth and adults. The Safari also provides a structured mutual accountability and support system for one another, while demanding for steadfast commitment.

The main component of The Safari journey consists of 5 Steps or Stages: Enter, Encounter, Embrace, Enlist, and Engage. Each of these stages directs us to a specific call.


Step 1: ENTER - The Call to Know (1 Cor 3:1)

The focus of this step is to revisit the foundations of the faith.

Step 2: ENCOUNTER - The Call to Grow (Col 2:6-7)

The focus of this step is to grow through persistent and consistent experience of God.

Step 3: EMBRACE - The Call to Bond (John 13:34-35)

The focus of this step is to live in love with one another.

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Step 4: ENLIST - The Call to Serve (Eph 4:12)

Equipped for service in the church and society.

Step 5: ENGAGE - The Call to Go (Matt 5:13-16)

The focus of this step is to impact the World as salt and light.