CITAM Eldoret Church Leadership

These are the current Members of Staff in our assembly: Rev. Ibrahim Ochieng (Senior Pastor), Rev. Serah Kamau (Deputy Senior Pastor/CED), Pst. Juddy Karei (SAAG & Missions), Pst. Patrick Kiprop (Children Ministry), Pst. Jygerson K. Patrick (Pastor Intern), Daniel Sikebu Obiero (Finance and Administration Officer -FAO), Beatrice Kemei (Customer Relations Assistant | Secretary), and Jackson Onchwari (Sound/ ICT Technician | Caretaker), Collins Orembo (CAMP Intern).

Pst. Dr. Juddy Karei is a pastor with Christ is The Answer Ministries (CITAM). She oversights various ministries in CITAM Eldoret including Social Action Advocacy And Governance(SAAG) Ministry. She is married to Vincent Karei and she is a mother of two, a ten year old daughter and a six year old son.

Intern Pastor Jygerson K. Patrick is a worship leader, songwriter and an intern Pastor at Christ is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) Eldoret currently heading youth Ministries, Music and worship and prayer ministries.   He has served as a Music and worship Ministry HoD and in Christian Education and as a volunteer pastor for two years.…

Children Ministry

Senoir Pastor

Rev. Ibrahim Ochieng is currently serving as the senior pastor at CITAM Eldoret assembly.

Deputy Senior Pastor/ CED

Serah Kamau Currently serves with Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Eldoret as a deputy senior pastor, besides giving oversight responsibilities to various other ministries in.¬† She has given oversight to several ministries in the past including the children ministry. Before being taken in as a full-time Pastor, she served first as a volunteer pastor…